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Put your website home page through this 18-point assessment (takes 10 mins or LESS) to discover how well your site is designed, and where you need to make tweaks to improve performance & engagement with your audience...

Or, if you DON'T have a website, use this a blueprint to follow to make sure that you don't discover design errors and have to pay for an expensive rebuild!

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  • Examine the "Hero Section" of your site and how you demonstrate to your audience & visitors that your content & message is relevant to their needs, and that you're a trusted authority
  • Find how your website turns visitors into friends & followers using a "Call-To-Action" to acquire new email subscribers
  • Discover where your audience is likely to 'lose touch' with your message and use relevant language tweaks & message adjustments to ensure that your website grabs - and keeps -attention
  • Reveal the single most important 'tech feature' of your website - because you'd be surprised where 50+% of your audience is coming from, and how badly it can affect your business if they can't use your site. 
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