CRASH COURSE: Design A High-Converting Website

A walkthrough on how to create a website that indoctrinates visitors into friends, turns strangers into subscribers & engages your audience

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What Is A High-Converting Website Going To Do For Me?

Your website is the home of your business - and it's main goal is to turn visitors from 'strangers', into 'friends and subscribers'. We'll do that in three ways:

  • Grab your audience's attention immediately with an effective "Hero Section" to let them know that they're in the right place, and establish your positioning as an authority
  • Make it easy & obvious for them to find relevant content & solutions for what they are trying to achieve
  • Engage your audience quickly and efficiently - so they'll WANT to spend more time on your site learning from y (and eventually become a customer)

You'll Discover:

  • The three "Temperatures of Traffic" and how to turn 'cold visitors' into 'warm prospects' and 'hot buyers'
  • The Language of The Internet - why your 'copywriting' on your site needs to be DIFFERENT from how you normally write (and how it's done)
  • The "Four Option Rule" that keeps visitors clicking around your site for longer
  • How & When to "Engage" Your Audience (and build your email subscriber list naturally )


Not sure if this is right for you? Read on...

 QUESTION: What the heck is a "Crash Course"?

ANSWER: It's like a supercharged "How-To" guide on the crucial functions and skills that online health entrepreneurs need to know. 

They're all content and no filler - my aim for anyone who takes a Crash Course is to become an up-to-date expert on what's working NOW with the skills needed to build a business of loyal followers who like you for sharing your message, and want to become customers and clients. 

Every Crash Course has been designed from my successes (and, admittedly, the numerous failures) that I experienced from building my own health business, testing and trialling methods and systems for myself (and, later, with clients' businesses whom I consulted for). 

A Crash-Course is a fast-track to "Best Practices" in the world of online business - I've gone ahead and made all the mistakes for you, and figured out how to do it right

QUESTION: How long will it take me to get through a Crash Course?

ANSWER: Usually an hour or so - these type of trainings give you strategy, action and templates, case studies & blueprints, and some of them require more detail than others.

The goal of a Crash Course is to get you action-ready and getting results as fast as possible. 

QUESTION: Why is it only $49?

ANSWER: So you actually use it. 

Here's a quick tip for you as an online expert: If people request something for free, only about half of them will ever actually download, read or watch it. 

That number (obviously) changes for people who buy things - and I want you to watch this and use it.

These Crash Courses are cheap enough for anyone to own and use (and get results from), but it also separates those who want to simply accumulate information from those who want to take action and make something happen. 

Also (honesty disclaimer here), I've tested that number and it works. 

(There's a free tip you can use if you sell your own small courses and trainings on health and wellness)

QUESTION: What if I don't like it, or it's not right for me?

ANSWER: Let me know within 30 days - because I'm super serious about this:

If you get your hands on one of my products and it's not a good fit for what you're looking for - even if that's not my fault - it's only fair that you get a refund.

I call it my "Of COURSE You Can Have Your Money Back" policy

Grab your copy of this Crash Course, put everything to the test, see how it can work for your business, then shoot me an email if you're not thrilled.

(Because I always appreciate when people do that for me, and I'm hoping you will too)

Heck, in all honesty it's actually more work for me to send you a refund AND revoke your access, so I'll probably skip that second step :)


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