The Books ALL Health Entrepreneurs Should Read

You’re educated, have spent your money and time learning about health & wellness…

You’re INFLAMED with the fire of the entrepreneurial spirit…

And you’re ready to step onto the grand stage of the internet and make your difference on a larger scale.

 Congratulations! And get ready for one helluva ride.

 In truth the whole ‘finding & serving an audience in need online’ thing is a complicated game – and step #1 is to get your head in the game and believe in yourself.

 Luckily you’ll find that others have walked the path before, and want to prepare you for what’s to come. Like any other topic, though, there’s a LOT of crap out there.

 Here are the 6 best books that will keep your enthusiasm, confidence & discipline sky-high to make the leap and acquire the mental strength needed to be a success.

(In no particular order…)

Michael Ellsberg – The Education of Millionaires

 'Everything You Won’t Learn In College About How To Be Successful’ – amen to that, Mr Ellsberg.

This is a delightful book featuring a collection of interviews with entrepreneurs & experts in a LOT of different fields about how they acquired the skills and knowledge to find a mentor who can actually help you improve, build your ‘entrepreneur mindset’ and be more confident about actually getting paid for your wisdom & knowledge.

Get over the idea that ONLY the top 1% of experts in the world can make a really good living by doing what they do.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF: You need to believe that the only way to earn money is to spend more money getting an MBA, more qualifications & certifications, or anything like that.

Nope – you just need to be able to help people (and if you’re reading this right now, there’s a pretty good chance you already do that every day).

Gary Keller – The One Thing

Probably every expert we see out there spreading the good word of ‘health and fitness’, and crushing it with legions of loyal fans and customers who love them for the products and programs they make…

Started all that as their side-hustle.

That’s how I started with my online business, too – and yes, it does mean taking time away from your ‘main-hustle’ and other priorities to achieve something bigger.

As Keller demonstrates, the key to making that work (instead of spinning your wheels and getting overwhelmed) is relentless, disciplined focus.

NOT necessarily the same kind of discipline and relentless that means you’ve got to skip your social life and sleep – but the no-distractions, achieve more in an hour than most people can in a day type of disciplined, relentless focus.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF: You’re wondering how to find the time to actually get started, or trying to figure out exactly what your business should ultimately ‘look like’, or you find it hard enough to be productive already.

MJ Demarco – The Millionaire Fastlane


This is my #1 FAVOURITE book of all-time those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

This book will show you how there are only 3 ‘roads for those who want to find wealth – and why “The Millionaire Fastlane” is the only realistic option for you.

This book is full of random, uber-confident (almost painfully hubristic) rants about owning yellow Lamborghinis to some epically well-structured truth-bombs and compelling arguments about the ‘traditional’ way to get paid for doing what we do as experts...

And why you MUST take the call to action 

Cannot recommend it highly enough. My favourite on this list, and the one that inspired me more than anything else. 

YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF: You’re still in 2 minds about whether or not you actually CAN find success by scaling up, and if you’re not sure about whether you should ‘take that risk’ or not.

The Millionaire Messenger – Brendon Burchard

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I love this guy.

This book is a huge call-to-action for anyone who is an expert, and has enough love for the difference they can make to someone’s life to want to get it in EVERYONE’S hands.

He's got a great story, too - coming from more humble roots than most of us can probably relate to, Brendon is just like you - he has a message to share, a passion in his heart and a deep caring about the lives of others. 

YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF: You don’t believe anyone will care about what you have to say, or why everyone who COULD look up to you really wants you to share your story.

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero

I still remember when this book came out. I was driving home on a Thursday night from a long, LONG day at my old ‘traditional’ job, and I heard Jen Sincero on a podcast talking about this book.

I actually turned my car around, went to the nearest bookshop and hunted this thing down. I think we all need a loving kick up the butt when it comes to our self-doubts, negative thoughts and self-sabotaging beliefs.

This book is that kick up the bum to inspire greatness in you.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF: You doubt yourself at all, and don’t love yourself enough to believe that you’re worthy of massive abundance and success.

Yep – you should love yourself enough to go for it. You are a badass.

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster – Darren Hardy

Yep, it’s a hard and emotional path to tread down: the challenging life of being an entrepreneur.

The single biggest determinant in your success is actually what’s inside you – not how much money or time you have to spend, who you know, how passionate your audience is…

But how well you can react when things get challenging, when you’re confused and overwhelmed, and when you need to rise to the occasion.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF: You know it’s going to be a rocky journey, and that you’ll need to toughen up a little and be prepared for that magnificent journey.


As you might expect, none of these books will make you an instant millionaire.

BUT they will give you a more solid foundation, mindset and belief to ensure that when climbing towards success, you’ve got more character, love for what you do and who you serve, and entrepreneurial fire to keep going…

Even if you’re not sure when that climb ends.

If it wasn't for books like these...

NONE of us would have done the hard work learning new skills, taking risks and loving the journey enough to really commit to becoming experts in new areas and push to make sure that we can help as many people as possible - and get paid well for doing that....

If it wasn't for books like these, we'd probably still be chasing the elusive dream of getting paid to only open our laptops for four hours a week while travelling the world, sitting on beaches and doing absolutely nothing with the rest of our time to contribute to the world. 

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