What Every Wellness Expert Ought To Know About Starting An Online Business

Having an online wellness biz is very, VERY different to what you've done working personally with clients or patients in a lot of different ways. 

Here are the most important things you need to know about serving an audience of people and starting a business online...

1) You HAVE To Choose To Only Work With People You Like


You know those clients or patients that you've had before that just kinda...


Ya just didn't love 'em?

Here's the thing about an online health expert: 

Your business exists to solve a specific problem (like digestive, thyroid, hormonal issues, build more muscle, lose fat - that kinda stuff)...

Which means you've got to pick ONE type of people, with ONE specific problem...

And your business will be entirely about serving - and attracting - THEM. 

So good news! 

All the problems that exist with a 1:1 business - like clients or patients who want coaching on stuff you aren't good at, or that you find kinda boring to do...

You don't have to build your business to serve them!


So if you only wanted to work with people who, I dunno, want to lose weight and improve their digestion by switching to a plant-based diet...

You totally can!

(And if you don't believe that anyone could make a real and hugely business out of something as insanely specific as that example I just gave you, listen to my podcast interview with Alyssa Rimmer of Simply Quinoa)

So what kinda clients do you LOVE working with?

That is what we call The Centre Of Your Business - people you love to help, work you love to do, and talking about stuff that lights you up. 

What's yours? Here's some inspo from some of the best of my podcast about The Centre Of Your Business:

Check out Ep #020 of my podcast with Rachel Guy: Build Your Business Around The People You Serve...

Ep#016: Master Your Topic & Find Your Core...

And Ep#027: Four Things You MUST Know About Your Audience for more on finding The Centre Of Your Business. 

2) Nobody Is Going To Pay You For 'How Much' You Know

Now you know who you'll be attracting to your business. 

What people DON'T care about (because we want results, not information) is how much stuff you know. 

What people DO want - what will lead them to your website, get them interested in a product or group coaching that you have - is THE SYSTEM. 

That's your ability to teach a pathway to get your audience from where they DON'T want to be to where they DO want to be. 

People don't want information - they want a process. So generally speaking, consider this for your particular audience...

What do they need to do FIRST in order to ESCAPE the crappy things that they don't like about their health...

And GET all the things that they want?

Should they *start* exercising a certain way?

Eliminate a certain kind of food and introduce another?

Learn some kind of stress-management tip?

Whatever they need to do 'first' will eventually be Part 1 of your Product or Group Coaching when you create it. 

That's what people buy - The System.

What should they do NEXT?

(Spoiler alert: That'll be Part 2 of your big coaching or product that you make)

You and I know that it'll be impossible to build a million-dollar business if you work personally to customise a program or plan for every single person you serve - that's why we make PRODUCTS and do GROUP COACHING. 

Isn't it true that if everyone followed your a system you could create, 90% of them would get pretty darn good results?

Right. So don't ever create and try to make your business about "Your Information". 

You must create a process - and however it looks is fine as long as it works

You're the boss - you get to choose how people get the results they're after. 

3) You Will Become KNOWN (& Rich & Successful) For Helping LOTS Of People Before You Ever Invite Them To Buy Something From You

.... Which means you have to do Content Marketing. 

I've interviewed some REALLY successful health entrepreneurs on my podcast who will agree with this:

You have to be doing content marketing - a podcast, a blog, a YouTube channel, or Facebook lives. 

That's how people will find out about you, get to know you, and believe that you can help people just like them. 

All the experts agree,like Dr Lauren Noel, who built her biz on the back of her weekly Dr Lo Radio podcast

People like Elliott Hulse, one of the original publishers of a health-based YouTube channel - or Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness...

Natalie Monson & Amy Roskelley of the SuperHealthyKids blog, or Samantha Gladish of Holistic Wellness.

Even regular and REALLY good Instagram content like the stuff Craig Ballantyne does counts.  


Let me ask you this:

What chance do you think you'll have when you make a new product, or start a new group coaching program, and ask people to pull out their credit card and pay you to help them...

If they have NO PROOF that you actually can help them?

A podcast, blog or YouTube channel is how you find & reach your audience - and PROVE that you are an expert with real power change their health and lives by...


Actually helping them change their health and lives a little bit.

Novel concept, I know. 

So should you start a blog, or a podcast, or videos on YouTube?

Here's my answer: It's easier for people to find you on iTunes or Youtube, so don't write a blog. 

It's also easier to sit down in front of a microphone and speak than just try and look good on camera, so probably don't start with YouTube unless you want to. 

So my suggestion would be to start a podcast - most people don't have the attention span to spend an hour watching your videos on YouTube each week...

But most people DO drive, walk or go to the gym each week (especially those who are interested in health)...

And humans like to have that empty space filled. Humans also like content, and they like it when people help us. 

And before you think it'll take you nine years to get yours off the ground, get a copy of my new & free book Podcasting For Health Experts.

I bet your podcast can be live this time next week if you spend an afternoon reading that and a few hours getting set up. 

Oh - and let's call this little tidbit "Thing 3.5 You Ought To Know About Starting An Online Business":

The tech stuff is never as hard as you think. Anyone who can do some typin', some talkin', a maybe a little bit of mouse clickin' could be live on iTunes this time next week. 

4) The Game Has Changed, And Things Are WAY Cheaper Than When I Started (But It's Not 'Free' To Get Properly Started)

I started an online health biz forty thousand years ago (at least that's what it feels like). 

I remember building my first website - it cost $5,000 and took me and a developer from India (who was insanely smart and hard working) about nine million hours to build. 

That last one might not be a real number - but it was a huge pain in the butt. 

You know what's changed since then?

HEAPS of people have started online businesses, which means that there is HEAPS of competition to make the most affordable, easy-to-use website software possible. 

The website software I use now is called Kajabi, and had it been around when I started...

I'm 100% certain I could have built that exact same website that cost me WAY too much time in probably two days on Kajabi if I wanted to now. 

Actually, Kajabi was around when I started - but it was new and super ghetto so my website probably would have looked like it was made by a 5 year old. 

Now it does everything, and it actually costs less than a gym membership. 


It's LESS EXPENSIVE to get all the tools to run online business that you OWN than use someone else's gym. 

So the tech stuff ain't an excuse - it's easier to use and cheaper than ever. 

You know what's NOT free, though?

Getting people onto your website, consuming your content and knowing that you exist. 

That's called TRAFFIC - so let me ask you this:

If you needed a new computer, where would you go to get one?

To the store, right - Amazon or Apple or something. 

If you need petrol or food, where do you go to get some?

The store, right?

If you need TRAFFIC, where do you go to get some?

The store. 

Or, as we call it, "The Facebooks". 

There are two types of traffic:

Organic traffic - which is when people stumble across your site, or find your YouTube videos or podcast by searching, or one of their friends shares something you've posted on Instagram...

And then there's paid traffic - which is where you pay the store to get what you need. 

Organic traffic is like rain - you don't know for sure when it might start or stop, you have (almost) no control over it, and you don't know where it will go when it shows up.

Paid traffic is exactly like a garden hose - you can decide when to turn it on or off, you can point it wherever you want and you can choose how much you want.

(Heck, there's a pretty good chance you saw a Facebook or Instagram ad about this blog post and clicked on it, right?)

It's not as expensive as you might think - for example if I spent $5 a day on Facebook, I could have an ad that would appear in front of 17,500 people each week.

That's more people than you can fit in the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas. For $5 a day.  

You can work and work and work and work to try and get people to "find out about you", or you can just pay to speed things up. 

Choice is yours, really. 

Your number might be different to mine and you might get in front of more or less people...

(that number of mine is low not because I'm a Jenius, but because of how Facebook's algorithm works and who the ads get put in front of)

Advertising your business is an INVESTMENT.

That $5,000 website investment that I wouldn't need to spend today might have seen an ad of mine get in front of 2.5 million people. 

So yeah, it wouldn't go into savings. It would go into my biz. 

Look - this isn't the COMPLETE story of *everything* you need to know about building an online health business. 

What I've tried to do here is show you that it's different to working 1:1 - but it's not impossibly complex. 

Maybe you believe you can build a successful biz...

(and if you're not a newbie, and you actually can help people and aren't afraid of a little hard work, I agree)

And you're wondering what you should do now. 

Well, if you want to start an online health biz...

YOU NEED A PLAN - the time to get the map is BEFORE you enter the woods right? 

So I'm hosting a series of online masterclasses called The One-Page Online Health Business Plan - and you should join me!

Registration details etc. are here - see you inside!

XOXO Dave White

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