How To Start A Health Blog/Podcast That People Love

You know that everyone who is already established as an ‘expert’ in the online health & wellness world does this:

Create weekly content that’s actually valuable, and builds their following. 

What you DON'T need right away to 'get started' is a million-dollar funnel, or anything like that. You need to PROVE to your audience first of all that you're actually able to help them...

And you do that by actually helping them. THEN when it's time for you to offer a product, or ask them to become a client of yours, the belief that you can deliver results is there. 

If you’re going to become one of those experts with a huge and loyal following (and have customers who LOVE the things that you offer to them)…

You’ve gotta be doing this – but how do you begin (or make sure that the idea you’ve got actually has any merit)?

Grab a pen, because we’re going to get clarity so you can get started building that following!


This picture pretty much says it all (although the word "BLOG" is interchangeable with podcast or videos, if you'd prefer to do that)


Your audience is on the left side of this bridge – suffering through the “Before” state, and trying to get the “After” result.

Depending on who you serve, this might be BEFORE: unable to run a half-marathon, AFTER: finish line of a marathon.

It might be BEFORE: Really bad digestion, gas and bloating, AFTER: Happy poop.

Whatever problem your audience is suffering with, the content that you put on your blog is like a stone in that bridge.

You’re not meant to write out a complete ‘bridge’ on your blog – just help people understand each step of the journey a little bit better.

(Your programs, products and services are the actual bridge in its entirety - but building those is a conversation for another day)


There’s probably four, five or six different ‘categories’ of the solution you have for your audience to help them get from “Before” to “After”…

In the example of someone coaching marathon runners before, that solution might be made up of running technique, nutrition, stretching & mobility, resistance training and periodization.

If you can break down your solution into categories your options for variety go up immensely.

NOBODY is going to read your blog posts for fun – they’ll read because they want to get somewhere and achieve a specific result – so YOU should do for THEM what I’M doing for YOU now…

Break that massive task of “Run a Marathon” (or ‘create a business selling your health wisdom & expertise online) into small chunks, and help them take small steps along the way.


It’s easy to get caught up in creating "How-To" and "Listicle"-type content. 

The old 5 Best Exercises For Flatter Abs and How To Cut Gluten Out Of Your Diet kinda stuff is easy to read...

But if you keep cranking it out week after week, it actually does get a bit boring and repetitive for your audience. 

Not many people watch boring TV shows, so don't let your blog or podcast be boring. 

Go "Behind The Scenes" and show your audience what YOUR pre-workout routine looks like, or how and why you eat the way you do. 

Give people checklists that they can use or follow when they're learning how to cook healthier, shop for groceries, warm up for a workout or whatever it is you teach them. 

Try my favourite - Crowdsourced Content - where you ask a few of your expert friends, or leaders in your field, an important question on behalf of your audience like...

"What's your must-have supplement?", or "What are your favourite detox tips?" or "What's your favourite food for better digestion?"

Go do LOTS of content, but don't make it boring. Look around for other types of content that are out there and do MORE with greater variety. 


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You have a unique story, message and passion for what you do – so share that, because nobody else out there is like you.

Keep your authentic voice, tell the world about health the way that YOU see it, and share what you’ve learnt and how you can help.

If you believe in something - like the importance of food, clean water, healthier sleep, or lifting weights rather than doing cardio, speak up about it and speak loudly. 

Don’t feel the need to copy, be different or beat anyone else – think about the struggles that your audience is going through, and help them with what you’ve got, because what makes you different can make you more relatable, understandable or interesting.

And be ultra-consistent with your content. I'll give you advance warning now: there's going to be a period of time where you're creating content...

Working hard, sharing your message and doing it with great passion...

And not much happens. YOU HAVE TO PUSH THROUGH THAT. Every week on my own podcast, The Business of Health, I interview leading online wellness business owners and they ALL say it. 

"Get started, don't expect things to be perfect or easy, and we ALL had to work hard to build our audience. Consistency is key". 

Decide if you're going to make content once or twice a week, or every fortnight - and then don't deviate from it. 


If you’re capable of helping people working 1:1, then you’re capable of helping everyone who needs to hear your message.

I’m going to give you permission to be ‘imperfect’ when you first get started – because you mightn’t know exactly what your style is, how you want to share your message, or what you want to talk about…

And you DEFINITELY won’t know what your audience enjoys hearing and learning about until you put some content out that gets read, listened to and watched – and some that doesn’t.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you won’t learn what is great about what you have to share until you start.

What are you waiting for?

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