How To Share Your Health Message Online (Part 1)

So you've decided that you're passionate enough about spreading your wisdom about health & wellness that you want to go large-scale and do it online, to a global audience?

Here’s the limiting belief that we need to address right away:

"To start an online health business you need to be one of the best in the world at what you do, and it takes an immense amount of time, money and effort."

Happily, that is a misconception – and starting an online health business where you share your message on a HUGE scale...

(and get paid accordingly by customers and clients, who love you for what you do for them)… 

Begins with four simple steps (assuming that you're actually able to help people get results, of course!)

As the incomparable Zig Ziglar would say, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Identify an audience with a problem you can solve

The WORST way to plan out how to share your message and build a following is to think up an idea for a product or service or business model, THEN try to find people who might want it.

The key to setting yourself on the right path, and getting clarity on a business that’s actually going to gain traction, is to find a group of people who have a challenge with their health, or want to improve their wellness in some area, and design solutions for them. 

Know which segment of the health marketplace you’re going to serve first, what their specific problems are…

And then design your business, your message and your offerings around helping them exclusively.

Here’s a truth about the internet - it’s a busy place and nobody is going to follow or pay attention to you for fun! 

Your future customers aren’t going to read your blogs, listen to your podcasts, watch your videos or want to buy from you for any other reason than they want to get somewhere.

When they know that you’re a trustworthy authority who is speaking directly to THEM, they’ll want to divert their attention to your message.

There is no ‘everything’ expert in any field. 

So who are you going to serve, and whats their problem that you can help them out with?

It might be that you’d love to work with golfers who want to learn conditioning exercises to increase their ball distance, or married couples with young children who want to increase their communication and intimacy, or stressed executives who want to perform at a higher level.

Here’s a quick question to consider before you leap in: If you could ONLY choose to serve one type of client or customer for the rest of your life, and you were only going to be paid after you got results for them with your coaching, products, or services…

Who would you pick? That’s a pretty good indicator of where you should be building your business, which leads me to our next point...

2. Communicate what you stand for, and against.

You’ve probably heard this said before – people don’t buy from business, they buy from people who they know, like and trust.

How do you become known, liked and trusted?
By standing for something, and having strong values you give your audience an opportunity to get to know you, develop a connection with you and demonstrate what unique value you're going to bring to your follower's journey to greater health.

Being ‘vanilla’ and having no personality, beliefs or mandates doesn’t create affinity with your audience or a reason for them to bond with you.

When you think about the problems that your audience is suffering with, what makes you wildly passionate?

What is it about your particular approach, solution or method that you believe makes it so valuable?

Communicate that with people!

Here's a good example (that's not related to our field) - Tony Robbin's book Money: Master The Game (and more recently his book Unshakeable).

If you haven't read it, he begins by imploring his readers to understand that saving, protecting and growing money is a GAME - and there are financial professionals out there who are looking to swindle investors through hidden fees, schemes that aren't tax-friendly and can eat away at a HUGE percentage your potential investments over the course your lifetime. 

Tony - who you already know is a passionate guy - wants to fight for the average Joe or Jane who doesn't have a degree in finance or economics, because he wants to help them avoid those hucksters and have the tools they need to win at the game of money. 

What about in our own field?

Dr Kelly Brogan - who I've had the pleasure of interviewing before, and who I consider to be one of the cleverest cookies in the jar - writes in her book A Mind Of Your Own about how the pharmaceutical industry is letting down and misleading those who suffer from depression. 

Her message is that depression is a symptom of inflammation - it's often caused, and always treated, with food and lifestyle adjustments. 

She busts myths about depression medication, efficacy of pharmaceutical intervention, and ideas that drugs can rebalance chemical imbalances. 

If you haven't read her book, the first half of it is basically her argument against Big Pharma, and FOR healthy livin' and eatin'. 

So what about you?

Are you furiously pro ‘food as medicine’? 

Are you strongly opposed to the idea of ‘do-nothing, lose-weight-quick’ schemes and crash-diet trickery?

Would you defend to the death the power and importance of meditation, yoga and breathing techniques for a stressed-out mind?

Do you think that there's a RIGHT way of exercising, and ways that are largely a waste of time or perhaps even detrimental to someone's body?

(I'm with you on all of those, by the way)

No one person’s message is going to be universally loved and accepted – so don’t try to tread the middle line and be ‘grey’.

Be black or white – know what you value and what’s important to you, and you’ll become magnetically attractive to people whose values match yours.

What do you believe and stand for?

The most successful health business owners stand for something that's important to them, and they communicate it often – and ultimately that’s what they become known for.

What are you going to become known for?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you're well on your way!

Join me for Part 2 of this mini-series here!

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