#027 4 Things You MUST Know About Your Audience

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Today’s episode is all about your customers - your audience, your people, your followers and YOUR relationship with them. 

See, everyone WANTS to have a large and loyal following behind them, right? I mean who among us would truly say that we wouldn’t feel a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment if when we spoke about our message, and when we shared what we’ve fought so hard to learn, that was heard not by one or two or a dozen people at a time…

But thousands, tens of thousands, HUNDREDS of thousands. 

Of course that’s what we all want - but that relationship and that leadership that you develop comes from a place of great empathy. 

It comes from someone seeing your message, reading, your blog, watching your video, listening to your podcast, checking out your social media stuff and thinking hmmm.. This expert might just be working really really hard right now to help out people just like me!

1. What would an AMAZING day look like for your audience (so you can talk to them about it?)

2. What are they going through right now in their struggle (so you can help them out with it?)

3. What are they EXPECTING to get from you - and how is that different from (and probably more overwhelming than) how you'll actually help them get a result?

4. Why should they listen to you, and follow you into battle?



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