#194 Dr Srini Pillay – Use The Power Of Your Unfocussed Mind


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Today's guest is Harvard-trained psychiatrist, author, lecturer and researcher Dr Srini Pillay, talking about one of my favourite topics of all time:

The brain and how it makes you a BETTER entrepreneur. 

Specifically, we're going to be covering the premise of his book Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: how allowing your brain to UNFOCUS actually helps you achieve your goals faster. 

That’s especially significant for an entrepreneur because a lot of the time, we approach things using the ‘brute force’ method:

We focus and we dedicate long hours to our study and our goals and working on our businesses…

But that's not always the RIGHT way. 

We're covering:

- The story about how Dr Pillay discovered the power of ‘unfocus’ at medical school when he was working really hard, but grades were slipping and studying more wasn’t the right answer

- If your brain isn’t focussed - especially on your work and your business – is it doing NOTHING useful at all?

- What is the Default Mode Network, and how does it unlock the power of your brain?

- Using your mental power to be a more effective, creative and intelligent entrepreneur and see more opportunities

- Can unfocus give you greater self-awareness?

- How do you activate the unfocussed circuits in the brain…

- And does this make you LESS productive because you’re taking time away from work, or more productive because your brain works better when you come back to work?

- What to do if you try to focus but find yourself easily distracted and challenged by staying on task

- Positive constructive daydreaming: you should be doing this every single day to achieve your goals faster

- Did you know that doodling can increase your memory by 29%?

- Psychological Halloweenism: How to increase your self-identity and become a more capable person as you tackle challenges in your biz

- Recognising signs and symptoms of when you are overusing the focus circuits in your brain and need a break

- Essential Depression: The condition that Dr Pillay thinks is occurring on an epidemic level – and how to prevent this in your own life

- When being a hyper-rational and action-oriented person can sometimes hurt you

- A discussion about the part of the brain that makes us self-conscious and get in our own way and how to deal with this

- Removing the limitations and negative head-noise we burden ourselves with

- As someone who has an incredible ability to explain and teach incredibly complex topics, how can we learn from Dr Pillay’s communication style?

- Why the notion of ‘entertaining possibility’ is one of the great secrets to achieving goals we’re not sure we are capable of hitting

- Developing a growth mindset by examining and ‘tagging’ information that comes into your brain

- The truth about motivation and how to fuel your desires for a successful business

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