#192 Cyndi Walter – Unlock Your Potential By Upgrading Your Mindset


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Mindset is EVERYTHING for a biz owner and entrepreneur like yourself - period. 

It's what allows you to take massive action, demonstrate incredible & magnetic confidence and builds trust when your audience hears you speak to them. 

Cyndi Walter, certified Mindset Coach, joins us on the show today to share some of the most important strategies you can use to upgrade what's going on in your mind...

Which will help you achieve your TRUE potential. 

Plus, Cyndi is one of us - a wellness coach who has over 40,000 customers...

That's not a typo. Forty thousand customers. Mindset is a big deal. 

We're covering:

- How much does mindset REALLY impact you as an entrepreneur or business owner?

- What does the word ‘Mindset’ actually refer to, and how can we determine what ours is actually like?

- Self-diagnosing your own mindset and examining your own beliefs

- Some common things that people with a bad mindset say and do (pay close attention if you find yourself agreeing with any of these!)

- The story about how Cyndi discovered mindset coaching and integrated this practice into her life

- How does your audience’s psychology and attitude affect their ability to achieve their own health and wellness goals – and how can you be a better coach for them?

- MONEY: How your thoughts and beliefs around this are like a crystal ball into your future success (and how to change them)

- How to protect your mindset and beliefs when you’re around people who see the world as a more negative place than you do

- If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time around, where do you go to get five REALLY evolved, mentally strong people to spend your time with?

- Practical strategies to upgrade your mind: What works best? Repetition? Journaling? An accountability partner?

- Self-awareness and how to rewrite your own beliefs and habits

- Cyndi’s CRAZY “Daily Method of Operation” schedule (and some immediate modelling that you should do as homework over the next 30 days)

- The Circle of Growth and Deception: how to make change STICK with your habits and routines

- Building momentum with consistency: one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can focus on

- “Don’t do for ONE what you can’t do for a THOUSAND” – one of the most important pieces of business advice you’ll ever hear

- Achieving a level 10/10 level of self-confidence and certainty – why this matters (and how to tread the line between building belief in yourself and taking imperfect action before you’re ready)  

- Some strategies to turn around your day when things are going bad

- Anxiety: Why this is sometimes kinda normal (and not always bad) for an entrepreneur - and how to deal with feeling anxious

- Managing fear when you’re doing challenging scary work that you’re not comfortable with yet!

- Should you give up trying to control EVERYTHING in your life and your business? 

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