#190 Ashley Sauvé – Do These 5 Things TODAY & You’ll Make More Money


Next week we're going LIVE with another Marketing Masterclass to cover the "Customer Journey" and examine the process to turning complete strangers online (who *should* become a customer/client of yours)...

Into happy buyers who LOVE YOU for helping them achieve their goals! Registration details are here.

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Are there some easy-to-implement tasks or changes you could make to your business - TODAY - to be making more money and building your income?

You betcha there are! Ashley Sauvé of That Clean Life is here to share five things we can ALL get done in the next 24 hours to hit our biz goals faster...

(Some of them are HUGE but common mistakes, some are so obvious you won't believe nobody has ever told you about them before)

 As the Customer Success Lead for an online software for nutritionists, Ashley has her ear to the ground when she's working with health practitioners building their businesses.

We're covering:

- A note about Friendly Marketing: Why your communication with your audience isn’t supposed to be all logic, features & benefits and cold, hard facts

- What do you do when your audience AREN’T going to take immediate action on the things you teach them to improve their health?

- How to cultivate passion & interest in the business and marketing world

- ARE YOU CHARGING WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WORK? The first thing to change about your business if you’re working with 1:1 clients

- The calculation happening inside every potential client or customer’s mind about your offer that’s figuring out “Is this expert’s offer REALLY worth it to me?”

- CHANGE THIS: Why an expensive coaching offer or product doesn’t mean you need to deliver MORE content MORE quickly!

- A case study from Ashley’s coaching client about why simplicity means huge value

- How much time – seriously – should you be spending on the marketing & building of your business?

- The importance of PRODUCING with the work and hours that you spend on your business!

- The trait of Ashley and That Clean Life’s most successful entrepreneur health coach clients

- What should your website look like, what needs to go on there, and how do you build it?

- Calls-To-Action: Why these need to go EVERYWHERE on your website (and a few classic example of how That Clean Life are doing this perfectly!)

- How to give your clients a world-class experience with your service

Check out That Clean Life at thatcleanlife.com

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