#189 Your Audience Is SERIOUSLY Skeptical (Here’s What To Do About It)


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Your audience is incredibly and seriously skeptical...

But it's not your fault. 

See, you are not the only person 'doing marketing' to people who need your help!

There are other 'experts' and businesses out there who are trying to grab attention by using hype, unbelievable claims and promises that sound too good to be true...

It happens to YOUR AUDIENCE, it happens to ME, and it's happening to YOU, too. 

It colours and tarnishes our perception of everything that we see - because in a world where 90% of marketing is propaganda and rubbish...

We become skeptical. BUT there are three things you can do to overcome this challenge in your business:

1. Educate (so your promises have merit)

2. Dont' Put Yourself On A Pedestal (nobody believes the person who tells the world why they are a guru)

3. Make A Damaging Admission (how refreshing is it when someone FINALLY tells you how it is without skirting around the truth?)

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