#188 Vito Lafata – 5 Milestones To Build & Scale An Online Business


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Vito Lafata, long-time friend of the show and No-BS Business Coach for wellness & health experts is BACK!

Today we're doing a deep-dive look at the fundamentals and structure required to scale your expertise from the 1:1 world so you can earn more by serving more with the inter-webs. 

Vito has a long history of being a dedicated student and practitioner of marketing - having studied under (and run campaigns for) some of the finest minds in the world in the health & business niches. 

We're covering:

  • Who better than a new father to share with us some insight onto how to juggle your business with other priorities in your life?
  • Should the fact that life is short make any difference on how you approach building your business and becoming a successful entrepreneur?
  • Generally speaking, where’s the one area of business vision where most health entrepreneurs lack?
  • A real-world case study of why you need to have extreme clarity on your audience, message and method
  • The reason why you need to have a vision for your DREAM BUSINESS before you decide *what* it’s gonna look like
  • (And why a part of that vision must include work that’s FUN and EASY – relatively – for you to do)
  • … PLUS, the importance of managing your VISION with work that’s IMPORTANT to build that business and gets outside of your comfort zone
  • A lesson from Vito’s father about taking responsibility for YOUR BUSINESS
  • Message & Method: How to determine & identify your process that delivers results and transformation consistently and repeatedly
  • Why a PROCESS allows you to charge top dollar – and if you don’t have one, you’re a low-dollar commodity
  • Where the perceived, intrinsic value of your offer (product, program, service) REALLY lives
  • How to take ‘interested prospects’ from being curious about your product/service to viewing you as an expert authority who they WANT to purchase from
  • “The Cash Flow Signature Offer”: What this means and how to package your expertise together (GENIUS Strategy Alert, by the way)
  • The Four C’s of an incredible transformation product/service hybrid


Vito has put together an “Online Startup Blueprint” that you he wants you to have ON THE HOUSE! You can download it for free on this page…

You can check out more information about Vito’s Visionary Planner here

And information about Vision In The Vineyards is at this site!

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