#187 What EVERYBODY Who Is Struggling Needs To Hear Right Now

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Sometimes in business (and in life) depressing and challenging stuff is gonna happen to us. 

It's unavoidable - and that's ok. Happened to me last week, in fact (hence why there was no episode uploaded onto this show).

What's not ok is for us to enter those obstacles, frustrations and struggles UNPREPARED. 

To keep my mind busy while I was taking some time away, I read like a mad thing. I probably ploughed through 11 books - some were good and some were terrible...

And I picked up some ideas & concepts that anyone who is struggling in business can lean on to get through the hard times. We're covering:

- Why psychology says you need to take a TIME OUT before you respond to challenges so you can move forward faster

- How to fill your mind with this belief: If One Person Can Achieve It, So Can Many, So Can I

- Building your Career Capital skills that allow you to achieve faster

- How to find the answers to all your problems WITHIN

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