#184 Bernadette Doyle – Self-Credibility & Doing What YOU Want

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Two facts:

1. You are OUTNUMBERED by your customers & clients and must dictate how your working relationship with them or else your biz becomes a prison

2. If you ACTUALLY can get results for people, is no proof that you are incapable of building whatever kind of business you want

These are realisations that Bernadette Doyle, founder of the Online Profits University and long-time online biz entrepreneur, has learnt. 

Bernadette's here to teach us about how credibility and inner game give us the confidence to BELIEVE that we can design any kind of business we want...

And how to take off the handbrake of limiting beliefs, a negative mindset and the "Golden Handcuffs" when you're doing your work. 

You can follow ANY tactic or strategy you want as you work to create your biz, but if that handbrake is on...

You're not going anywhere. 

We're discussing:

- Is it easier today to run an online business than ever before – and where are the biggest opportunities?

- Super common & popular marketing strategies & tactics that you should AVOID at all costs

- The importance of making sure that your business is set up for you to do work that you actually enjoy!

- Why it’s important for you to have the BELIEF that you actually can make money while doing work that you enjoy…

- (‘Cos the alternative doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?)

- The important lesson Bernadette got about time management & freedom when her son almost lost his life

- The best advice that Bernadette has ever gotten from a mentor (this is worth living your life by!)

- YOU ARE OUTNUMBERED BY YOUR CLIENTS - & what that means for your freedom

- NEVER wish that your starting point for building your business was different: A lesson on the “Golden Handcuffs”

- The advice Bernadette would give herself back when she first started her online business journey

- Self-credibility: Why this is so important for you as an entrepreneur and how to build it

- Setting rules & habits for yourself that set you up for success

- The ONE THING that Bernadette specifically recommends you do as soon as possible to get progress with your business

- Earnings per email subscriber: one of the most important metrics in your business, and how to grow it

- How the ‘Online Information Expert’ business model NEEDS to be different for a wellness practitioner than any other kind of ‘expert’

- The difference between INFORMATION and TRANSFORMATION

- Emotional toughness & “Inner Game” – why these two qualities should be in every marketer’s psychological toolbox…

- & how to develop it & get past our self-limitations

- Positioning yourself: How to get past the ‘weirdness’ of choosing an authority position when you’re brand new to the online world

- The truth about testimonials: Are they important, and what do you want people to ACTUALLY say in them?

- Plus, how the heck do you get them?

- The traits & characteristics of the entrepreneurs that Bernadette has seen become super successful (and the ones that indicate someone is gonna struggle)

- Bernadette’s homework for you!


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