#183 Is Life Out Of Balance For Your Biz?

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Building a business of any kind can often leave you feeling like you're out of your comfort zone and that your life has lost a little bit of balance.

In fact, if you feel that way it's a good thing and you're in the right place. Being highly focussed on one priority and designing your life & structuring your time to achieve it IS they key to achieving extraordinary things...

But can we make that a little bit less uncomfortable and challenging? You bet - here's four big points to remember if feel like your life is out of balance while you're building your business:

1. It's ok to have ONE priority that serves many values

2. Getting 'out of balance' with life as it is right now is probably GREAT advice for your customers & clients - so don't think it's unnatural!

3. NEVER let people feel bad for you for working hard at your goals, because if you accept their sympathy it leads you down the road to becoming a victim

4. Adopt the learner's mindset and you'll feel more progress and less stress

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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