#182 Jeannette Bessinger - Stress Is NOT Essential To Build Your Biz

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You're a wellness practitioner, so you ALREADY know that stress is bad for you...

But do you believe that there's a fundamental link between working hard and feeling stressed, tense, or under pressure?

Truth is, there's not - and Jeannette Bessinger (who has been health coaching online for almost 20 years) has the experience to back that up. 

Author of multiple books - and having been featured on hundreds of publications like Washington Post, Dr Oz Online, NBC News - AND training with the Poliquin Institute, IIN, IPE...

Jeannette has done a HUGE amount of work and realised that stress doesn't have to be a big part of your entrepreneurial journey if you're prepared right. 

We're covering her story about how she built her business - as well as...

- What an online biz veteran with almost 20 years experience of health coaching in the digital space has to say about where to START your business

- Jeannette’s observations about how the internet has changed, and pivoting your marketing strategy

- The one thing that you can do that makes easier today to build your business than ever before in internet history

- Why self-belief makes it easier to achieve your dreams AND stress out a whole bunch less on your way

- Recognising when the zeitgeist of the internet changes and when your biz strategy must shift too

- Finding the ‘gap’ in your marketplace and getting clarity on your niche

- Explaining your ‘Big Idea’ to that audience so it resonates with them…

- And how are you supposed to deal with other expert’s opinions when they don’t actually agree with you, or say you’re wrong?

-Balancing good marketing strategies and personal intuition in growing your business – what the heck does that mean and how do we do it?

-How to deal when you feel stressed and overwhelmed in your business

- If SPEED is the entrepreneur’s best friend, how do we prevent the avoidance of overwhelm from turning into procrastination?

- Signs that you’re too tense and stressed while working on your business – and what you can do to correct this problem

- Jeannette’s homework for you!

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