#180 Perceived Value: Your System vs Your Information

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The greater your audience's *perception* of the value of your information...

The more DESPERATE they will be to purchase it!

That means we've got to position all the wisdom and insight you have in your head sound as a system,rather than a collect of ideas and tactics. 

We've had some VERY successful health practitioners on the show in the last few months talking about their systems and frameworks to approaching health...

So how do you go about creating your own?

What should it look like, and where do you talk about it?

Understanding how your audience thinks about a systematised approach to achieving their goals helps your promote your content, products and coaching far better...

If you want some help creating your system, go to healthbizplan.comand apply for a complementary marketing & business plan. We'll get yours created in to time - and you can start using it to get customers and clients right away!

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