#179 Holly Chantal – Why A Strong Brand IS Your Business

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When your BUSINESS is based around the value your audience perceives in the information you have in your head...

(Unlike a tangible product like a car, phone or blender)....

How the heck do you go about 'branding' your wisdom? Holly Chantal of hollychantal.com has over a decade of experience in brand strategy, copywriting, online marketing and joins us today to explain why a strong brand IS your business. 

This is important stuff today. It might not be your 'first language' (don't worry - it's not mine either) but it IS crucial to understand and leverage so you can become known as a go-to expert. 

We're talking about:

  • Why does branding matter, and what can it do for the growth of your business?
  • Is branding *hard* to actually get right – and is that even MORE of a challenge for a wellness or health professional?
  • The stereotypes and expectations that your audience have about YOUR profession: why you’ve got to be aware of these when you do your marketing
  • When you’re marketing, it’s important to explain WHY you use the ‘method’ and ‘process’ that you do (as well as explain WHAT it is)
  • Where is the line between repeatedly and consistently impressing your values on your audience, and being redundant and predictable?
  • The significance of being consistent with your PROMISE and your OFFER (how this can wrong and lose you money!)
  • How do you figure out your methodology and communicate it well to your audience (YOUR method is probably very different from what they EXPECT)
  • Standing out in a crowded market: Using “WHY” instead of “WHAT’ to gather more attention and traction
  • Does branding sometimes get in the way of execution? How do we prevent this conversation from being a tool for procrastination?
  • Making your business fit your personality (rather than the other way around), and how do you bring your authentic self to your marketing?
  • Gaining more authority in your marketplace by having greater clarity in your branding
  • Positioning: What the heck does that mean? Where do we start, and what ‘position’ do you choose for yourself as an expert?
  • How to tell if your branding is working for you, or if it needs a bit more works
  • Why you HAVE to use Holly’s Trailblazing Trifecta method
  • Holly’s homework for you!

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