#177 Dr Anthony G. Beck – How The Balance Protocol Became An Empire

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Turning your expertise into a system is THE KEY to breaking through into the real world of entrepreneurship. 

According to Dr Anthony G. Beck, founder of the Balance Protocol, that's the difference between being a commodity and making the money you TRULY deserve. 

With 20+ years experience as a functional medicine practitioner (which SURELY makes him one of the originals), Dr Beck opens the kimono on the process of taking what you know that gets your 1:1 patients and clients results NOW...

And turning that into a solution that ANYONE can use. 

We're talking about:

- Why did Dr Beck go from learning about health as a practitioner student to scheming out his own strategy and organisational system for taking care of patients?

- Where do we get the confidence and self-esteem to actually design our own model for healthcare and getting results for our clients and customers?

- The ideation and creation process to building and crafting a framework and health system for your business

- Looking for feedback from your patients and clients about your approach – should you be wary of their advice, or is it highly valuable?

- The 2:3:5:8 Framework of the Balance Protocol…

- (Listen carefully to how simple & easy to understand Dr Beck makes this when he explains it!)

- How a desperate desire to escape the business model that required face-to-face contact with patients led to Dr Beck’s successful business model

- Dealing with criticism of you as a practitioner and your system

- The one business lesson that Dr Beck would give to his younger self (MAN, I wish someone had told this to me back when I started too!)

- Dr Beck’s homework for you!

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