#175 Pat Rigsby – How To Build Your Ideal Business

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Who could be a better entrepreneur to turn to for advice than a man who has built over a dozen businesses (many of which have reached the 7-figure mark)...

AND worked with some of the most popular & successful online fitness professionals?

Pat Rigsby, author of the Ideal Business Blueprint - and six-time best-selling author - joins us on the show today to talk about how it's done. 

We've got a LOT of content to cover on today's episode, including:

- Has anything changed with creating products and online courses since Pat first appeared on the show back in Episode #040?

- How to think about business expertise & marketing savvy when you *really*started online because you’re a service-driven professional

- Where did the concept of an “Ideal Business” come to Pat? Was it his intention from the start or did he figure it out along the way?

- The personal story about how Pat learnt work-life balance

- WHEN is the best time for you to think about what an Ideal Business might look like for you…

- And what are the five characteristics of that business you should be aware of?

- ANHEDONIA: The worst state that an entrepreneur can experience – Pat explains what it is, how it happens to us (and how to avoid it)

- What you can learn about scheduling out your time to work on your business from the principles of periodization in fitness

- PRODUCTION work vs PLATFORM work, and how do you balance these two to fuel the growth of your business?

- What is a producer, how are they different from a consumer, and why is this important for you to embody as an entrepreneur?

- Why Pat studies different biz models – like the fast food industry – and where he thinks health & wellness practitioners need to step up

- A brilliant metaphor of how promoting your product or service is a lot like promoting a high-end restaurant

- The Wizard Of Ads: How this trilogy of books has changed Pat’s mindset around business, and the big lessons he’s taken and can share with us

- Unsolicited Listener Question: The TRUTH about having an online business

- Pat’s homework for you!

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