#173 Top Biz Takeaways: Never Lose A Customer Again by Joey Coleman

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There's a guaranteed way to ensure that you make more money as you build your business AND be of greater service to your audience:


It's WAY easier to find & retain 25 customers by making them happy and providing exceptional service than it is to get 50 customers who leave you very quickly - period. 

Today on the show we're doing a Top Biz Takeaways episode of Joey Coleman's book Never Lose A Customer Again.

I'll be the first to admit that we don't talk about the topic of customer experience enough on this show - but a little extra attention here could literally double your profits - or more. 

There's three major points to consider from Joey's book - specifically as it relates to wellness practitioners building online businesses. They are:

1. Be SUPER mindful of where your prospect's mindset is when they're at the "Assess" phase of your customer journey

2. The difference between customer SERVICE and customer EXPERIENCE

3. What is the REAL goal of making sales - and how do we improve that?


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