#172 Anna Renderer – Be Ambitious For MORE (Here’s How To Get It)

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The Business of Health is about 3 things: marketing your online biz, learning from fellow wellness professionals who have 'made it' and built their empire, and personal development.  

In today's episode, we get to cover all three with Anna Renderer, host of PopSugar Fitness, founder of the Sexy Confident Woman Formula & creator of Vision In The Vineyards. 

There's a lot to take in on and think about throughout this interview - like the importance of building your business NOT JUST around serving a group of people who you know you can help and who you know want what you can give them, but who you actually like working with...

We’re talking about content creation, high-performance, marketing, customer research, and we have a little debate around whether you need to strategically plan out your unique selling proposition, or USP.

Grab your journal, take some notes, this is a good one! We're covering:

- Why it’s so important to make sure that your business is FUN and that you actually enjoy working with your people

- Should you ever think that life for you as an entrepreneur is ‘good enough’ and be happy with what you’ve got?

- Where Anna’s inspiration to start her YouTube channel began…

- (And what was the difference between NOBODY watching it and growing as part of a business strategy)

- How long does it take to build your skills on a platform like video (or podcasting or writing?)

- The incredible takeaway about LUCK in business from how Anna landed her job as Pop Sugar Fitness host

- The ‘Idea Fairy’ and why having crystal clarity & vision on how you want your business to run helps you avoid opportunities that are actually distractions in disguise

- What’s the RIGHT way to begin building products for your business?

- Should you choose your customers based on who you ACTUALLY like working with?

- Customer & Market Research: Why the least sexy topic of all in marketing could make you the most money

- DEBATE! Anna & I have a difference of opinion about whether you should have a USP and a point of difference from your competitors

- Content creation: How to transition from playing what’s in front of you with a 1:1 client to creating useful information on your social media & content platforms

- Should-Ask Questions: why these can be some of the best episodes or shows you create on your podcast or YouTube

- Surveying your audience: Is this a good idea or a total waste of time?

- What has Anna learnt about coaching from Brendon Burchard’s highest certification?

- Why vision is such an important word to Anna’s business model and teaching, and what she’s got to say about this topic

- Anna’s homework for you!

Looking for Vision In The Vineyards? Here's your link!

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