#171 Do You Know The Early Warning Signs Of Triggering The Sales Radar?

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No matter whether you're promoting a product, group coaching, supplements, or even speaking to a potential 1:1 client...

At some point you have got to TRANSITION from content or teaching to pitching and explaining what you've got for them to buy. 

If you're not ready for this, it's actually quite hard to do - and (worst of all) you're likely to trip your audience's SALES RADAR...

(Which is a guaranteed way to make zero dollars). 

Since it's hard to keep a solid train of thought through this type of speaking, let's cover three 'transition steps' you can use to go from CONTENT to PITCHING (and keep your audience's attention). 

They are:

1. The Statements Of The Obvious

2. The Dave Dee Hype Free

3. The Three Options

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