#170 Mat Pelletier – The Only Winners Are Those Unfazed By Failure

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FAILURE. It's an extremely harsh word to use in marketing...

ESPECIALLY since most of the work we do is based on a theory of what *should* work - but is yet untested. 

Most podcast episodes, YouTube videos, Facebook group posts or emails you sent in the early days won't make you rich - but that doesn't make you a failure. 

Learning to reframe this word - and stop making decisions based on fear of failure - is what Mat Pelletier's new book "Embracing Failure" is all about. 

We're covering:

- The story about Matthew Webb, and it’s important for entrepreneurs to build their persistence on the way to success

- FEAR of failure: what does it look like and how do we know if it’s affecting us?

- (& what’s the opposite of that fear? Is it confidence, hope, courage – or something else?)

- How do we tread the line between recklessness and NOT making decisions based around fear of failure?

- Separating head-noise, self-doubt and limiting beliefs from gut feelings in business…

- Why the FIRST thing you need to do when you hit a setback is avoid falling into a daze, and become aware and ‘awake’ as fast as possible

- The scarcity vs abundance mindset – what is the major difference between how people with these psychologies view business?

- How do we know if we’ve got that good ‘abundance’ mindset through by keeping awareness of our language or thoughts or beliefs?

-Can we have an abundance mindset in some areas of life, but not others? (How do we fix that?)

- Should you keep your financial house in order so you aren’t stressed about money in business as much – or should you go all-in?

-Enablers: What are they REALLY – and what do they do?

- What’s the key to preventing them from giving you a victim’s mindset

 -Where can we turn to get the OPPOSITE of enabling advice when we’re building our biz?

- Mat’s homework for you!

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