#168 The Problem With Marketing In 2019

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The big problem with marketing in 2019 is that there are SO MANY different ways to build your business and make a really good living by helping a lot of people. 

I know all too well the feeling of doing whatever you can to grow and move forward and get momentum, and see an overwhelming barrage of information and ads and propaganda about how someone else is CRUSHING IT by following a different strategy to yours...

And the temptation is to jump ship and try what's clearly working for them - ESPECIALLY when you can see how it might work for you, too. 

That's no way to run a business - you've gotta be barking up ONE tree, and make sure it's the right one...

So let's get clarity and singular focus on where you're going to direct your concentration and attention as you do your marketing and build your biz - starting with:


- Firstly, what are people going to FIND when they discover you?

- HOW will they find you?

- What's you strategy for DEEPENING YOUR RELATIONSHIP with that new audience you've reached?


- What's the FORMAT you'll deliver your offer in?

- Have you identified your MARKETING HOOK?

- Are you FOLLOWING-UP in the right way?

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