#169 Prady Tewarie – Where Entrepreneurship & Personal Development Meet

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Your success & income levels will NEVER exceed your level of personal development. 

It's impossibly difficult to separate business from personal development - so how do we bring out the best of ourselves in both those areas?

Prady Tewarie, CEO of Azoth and a young man who has founded and sold more than two dozen companies, is here to share the story with us. 

A former bodybuilder (and - as a health & wellness nerd - 'one of us'), Prady gives us a LOT of food for thought around business, our own growth and mindsets...

And what we can actually DO to get ourselves to the next level. 

We're discussing:

- Do we have a good definition for personal development – or an idea of the OPPOSITE of this might look like?

- What IS Azoth – and how does it relate to personal development?

- In the early days, is there one practice for new business owners to speed up their journey to making profits – fast?

- The importance of organisation and systems in how you ‘run’ your business…

- & how to save HOURS per week, even if you’re not ready to outsource work yet

- What you can learn about the day-to-day activities of your business from a Subway restaurant in India

- Being EVERYWHERE on social media – why you don’t have to follow the Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone model to start making really good money

- If social media and marketing best-practices change all the damn time, is there one thing we KNOW will alwayswork to build your business?

- Separate your mood from your ability to get work done: What Prady learnt about discipline from bodybuilding

- Is the REAL key to making a big changes in who you are(and what kind of success you deserve) to take MASSIVE action?

- Building credibility with yourself: Why does this matter so much to your journey, and how do you build it?

- Dopamine, your brain, and building habits that create successful businesses

- Dealing with drama and bouncing back when your best-laid plans don’t work out the way you want them to

- A case study for Azoth and how Prady built Azoth, his nootropic supplement company, using the tools we cover in this episode

- What can you learn about entrepreneurship by shadowing someone who is ALREADY running the kind of business you want to own?

- Prady’s homework for you!

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