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Email marketing is a cornerstone of any online business - ESPECIALLY in the health & wellness space...

So who would know more about this than Jill Fanslau - Content Marketing Manager at AWeber (& formerly of Men's Health & Women's Health). 

First things first - email marketing SHOULD NOT overwhelm you. As a small business owner, you don't have to 'figure out' tech stuff any more...

& the best-practices for engaging with your list don't require expensive or complex software. 

Jill's sharing her insider's secrets on what's working NOW in email marketing (and what you should avoid at all costs), plus...

- What did Jill learn about content marketing in the wellness space from working with Men’s Health?

- Email marketing: Is it dead? Does it REALLY not work any more?

- Some case-studies and examples of wellness & health professionals crushing it with email marketing – and what they’re doing that you can model

- What’s the BEST strategy for you to follow to become a better email marketer?

- The stats on email length: What’s RIGHT for maximising consumption (and have you got some wiggle-room if you find a style that works for you?)

- Your subscriber’s inbox is a sacred place – so what’s the WORST kind of content to send them (that’s guaranteed to get you unsubscribes)?

- Worst-practices for writing email and making your message more compelling for your audience

- 60% of your subscribers are reading your emails on their phones: How should THIS change your strategy?

- What’s working RIGHT NOW for emails? One strategy and one software that you should be using regularly to increase engagement in your messages

- A/B Testing in your emails: How to do it, and why

- Personalisation – the nifty trick to increase opens and clicks

- The creative process of writing your email: Where to start (and how to keep the main thing the main thing)

- How many calls-to-action should you include per email?

- How to we combine and integrate social media and email to increase the effectiveness of your marketing?

- Is quality or quantity of your email list better…

- And how do you build a more highly engaged database of followers?

- How to do a re-engagement campaign for email subscribers who aren’t regularly opening your emails

- Tracking your email stats: What should you be monitoring, and is open or click rate the most important metric to monitor?

- Story in email: How should it be done, when is an appropriate time, what are the ‘rules’ behind this strategy?

- Treating your database like a faceless, nameless mass of people is NEVER a good content strategy – how do you avoid that?

- Action-based emails: How to stand out and be SUPER engaging with your messages

- Case study: How AWeber is making content marketing work for them as a software company

- Jill’s homework for you!

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