#166 Gerri Detweiler – Opportunity & Crisis: The Story Of Your Biz Credit

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At some point your business is likely to face a time of great opportunity or a small crisis...

And the ability to raise money by borrowing, loans or finance might be EXACTLY what you need - so how can you be prepared for it in advance? Not only that, is it WORTH your time and effort?

Gerri Detweiler, Educational Director at Nav, says YES!

Business credit is something you only think about when you really, REALLY need it (ask me how I know), but it's relatively simple to improve your score and keep an eye on how you're doing.

Not a sexy topic by any means, but an important one that could see that you get to KEEP money that you earn (rather than losing it all).

We're covering:

- A back-story about how your business credit can affect you in ways that you might not even know!

- What exactly is business credit, and how does it impact your ability to manage your finances properly?

- How much work – seriously – goes into taking care of business credit, and should this stress you out as another thing to cover on our to-do list?

- ANYONE can check your business credit – so is that a problem? How can that mess with you?

- Is it a good idea to put all your expenses on a dedicated biz credit card?

- What’s a good credit score? If yours isn’t great, what can you to do make yourself a lower risk for borrowing?

- Time in business: can this make a difference to your ability to get finance (even if you aren’t making any money yet?)

- WORST practices when it comes to business credit – what are some things to avoid?

- Regularly checking your biz credit score: How often is enough, and how long should it take?

- What to do if you find out that you’ve got a problem with your credit score – and who to call!

- A quick case study about how Gerri has managed to build her profile and client base that will probably help you)

- Gerri’s homework for you!

Go to nav.com/podcast for the resources mentioned in today's show!

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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