#165 Five Filters To Run Investments In Yourself/Your Biz Through

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Investing in yourself and your business - paying money to go to courses, seminars, get software, coaching, mentoring, outsourcing...

At some point we need to spend money on our own ability to make and generate profit for your biz to go to the next level...

But when you're choosing where, and consuming marketing messages or sales pages and deciding what's right for you - how are you supposed to know?

Consider this:

- Does your investment ACTUALLY SOLVE the immediate problem keeping you from going to the next level?

- How much experience can you get from the person selling the thing - and is that going to be a bridge for you to get to the next level?

- Speed of execution - which path or option is going to get you out on the field implementing your plan the fastest?

- Skills (obvious - but how often do we think about the types of skills we need to acquire when making purchasing decisions?)

- Identity (the one everyone forgets to consider)


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