#163 Carmen Dellutri - What EVERY Entrepreneur Should Know 'Bout Borrowing Money

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What the heck is a bankruptcy attorney doing on a business and marketing show?

If we know that the one thing that must happen before bankruptcy is debt, and we know that it's NOT a sin to borrow money to build your business...

Doesn't it make sense to know how to take on debt without getting into trouble? Are there 'good amounts' of debt, common pitfalls that entrepreneurs can fall into, or red flags that indicate when things are getting out of hand?

Carmen Dellutri, founder of the Dellutri Law Group and practicing bankruptcy attorney for 20+ years, works all day with people whose financial lives have spiralled out of control...

And if ANYONE would know how to avoid bankruptcy and how to keep your money in order, it's the man people turn to when things go wrong. 

(You can learn more about Carmen at dellutrilawgroup.com)

We're covering:

- Why does an entrepreneur – who plans to make a LOT of money – need to listen to a debt and bankruptcy attorney on a podcast like this?

- What’s a healthy and safe level of debt for a business owner to manage or take on to start or build a business?

- Are there good and bad reasons to borrow money, or red flags with debt that we should be aware of?

- How to maintain and preserve piece of mind when you know that you’ve got repayments to make and money is tighter than you’d like

- Is it better to start your business slowly and avoid taking on debt, or to have an all-in mindset and go for it?

- From a legal perspective, what can you do to protect yourself financially?

- What’s the best approach to dealing with financial issues if they ever show up for you as an entrepreneur?

- Student loans: the right way to tackle paying these off and how do you deal with them when you’re building your business?

- When is it time to call in professional help with your finances?

- Carmen’s advice and homework for entrepreneurs who are doing pretty well financially right now – and what to do if you’re struggling to stay above water

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