#161 Dr Dan Kalish – 3 Things That Define Experts Who “Make It”

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If you had coached over a thousand wellness professionals in your life, do you think you might notice some trends about stands out about the ones who become successful?

Right. That's what we are hearing from Dr Dan Kalish today. Having graduated over 1,000 students through his mentorship program, written three excellent books and become a leader in the functional medicine space...

Dr Kalish has seen it all, build a hugely profitable business, and is opening the kimono to share what's worked on his journey to being an entrepreneurial success. 

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We're covering:

- What Dr Dan learnt about his business model and how he could create a system for all his clients to get results from a patient called Barbara…

- And what she taught him about expert positioning and how to present his message

- Dr Dan’s advice on transitioning from ‘having a good idea’ to ‘executing FAST’

- Is it ok to have goals for making more money, or should the purpose behind your business purely be about how much you can serve the world?

- The importance of mentoring – how it helps you make a direct path to your goals instead of traveling in circles

- Communicating science and nerdy health-talk stuff: how Dr Dan improved this skill and how it can help your career

- Profitability and good financial management: Why it’s so important for us to have a solid foundation here for our ability to grow

- How do we put ourselves under the levels of stress required to be a good entrepreneur without wrecking our health?

- Dr Dan’s perspective on what sets the most professionally successful practitioners from those who don’t quite ‘make it’

- Spiritual connections and beliefs – how this differs from religion and why most successful wellness practitioners have very strong beliefs!

- The #1 tip for becoming a more spiritually connected person, and better at coaching your audience to better health

- Case Study: How the Kalish Institute has been filling courses and attracting new students with regular webinars

- The Kalish Mentorship: A quick plug (is this right for you?)

- Dr Dan’s homework for entrepreneurs!

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