#160 The 3 Ways To Be An Entrepreneur (Only One Actually Works)

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Is there a 'best way' to be an entrepreneur, run your business like a professional and give yourself the best chance possible at crushing it? Actually, yes there freaking is!

In this episode we're examining the three 'states' an entrepreneur's journey can exist in...

The first - called Space Mountain - is characterised by randomness and unpredictability, is one we must avoid at all costs. 

It's where we operate from when we have no clear vision of the immediate path in front of us, what we're actually supposed to be working on at any moment and which projects require our attention first. 

If we don't know where we're going when we're in Space Mountain, we can't be surprised when we end up not moving forward. 

The second - Whitewater - is where the start and finish points of your day, week, projects, schedule and journey are known. 

We know what tools we're going to use - and which ones we'll ignore, to avoid the big obstacles and challenges in front of us. We're learning, growing and developing new skills. 

The final phase - America's Cup - is the dream life for an entrepreneur. 

The waters are easy, the prep-work and professional development has been done - sometimes years in advance. Everything we've worked hard to achieve has been turned into a well-oiled machine of a business, and we're able to produce effortless work and abundance. 

Only one of these phases is where we should live for the majority of our time - and it's not the one you think. 

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