#159 Increase Sales With This 3-Step Offer Structure

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I'm NEVER going to suggest that the amount of money you can make - and the contribution you can have - is dependant upon how excellent your sales skills are... 

BUT your ability to communicate the value of your product, coaching or offer- especially in the online world - is a requirement to make money. How do we get better at that?

We're uncovering the only three motivating factors that encourage your audience to ACT on the things they could buy from you - and how to integrate them into your presentation or offer. 

We'll look at their desire for a shift in status, a new way of feeling about their body or their wellbeing, and how they want their average day to change for better as a result of the coaching and guidance you give them. 

Plus, we're touching on the truth about why your audience is cynical - and it's got nothing to do with your expertise or ability to help them as a coach. Most people are cynical of "Personal Transformation" stuff because they don't believe in THEMSELVES and their own ability to get the result. 

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