#158 Values-Matching Your Audience

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Getting this right for your business can be the difference between having a horde of loyal followers who lean on your every word and devoutly believe that you're the expert for them...

Or - worst case scenario - ending up with a bunch of customers and clients who you clash with, don't get any value from your work and straight up think you have no idea what you're talking about. 

Getting clear on your values - what you stand FOR and what you stand AGAINST - and communicating that effectively helps your biz grow. 

If you try to stifle your true beliefs around what is right and wrong for your audience when they're seeking to achieve their goals...

You're going to lose customers simply because you're trying not to lose customers by making anyone upset. 

There is a segment of your marketplace that agrees with your beliefs just as they are - and a segment that doesn't. 

Making it clear HOW you get results for people, WHAT your approach does and doesn't include, actually makes it easier for people to decide to purchase from you because they know exactly what they're going to get in your coaching or online course...

And, as an added bonus, it can assist the "Like" factor into the old marketing principle of getting your audience to know, like and trust you

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