#157 Time Management (The Rules Of Play) Part The Second

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If our ability to be intentional, structured and disciplined with our time is what allows us to produce at a higher level AND live a happier and more healthy life...

(Which we know is true after last week's episode)...

How else can we, as health and wellness biz owners, better manage our actions, where our focus goes, how we balance our professional and personal needs, and the desire to achieve our potential?

Here's six big ideas on how that's done:

1. Don't think about your calendar as a to-do list: See LIFE OUTCOMES in the time blocks you've created for yourself

2. Consider before you start the day how you'll FEEL if you've been successful in what you've set out to achieve

3. Know how to manage stressful periods in life, and how to balance yourself when you need to break your routine

4. Create external accountability and set Not-Do-Do Rules for yourself

5. Build in "Stop Work" deadlines for your day, and use the Pomodoro Method

6. Ask yourself what it would take to turn an average day's work into something extraordinary and brilliant


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