#156 Time Management (In The Real World) Part The First

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EVERYTHING IS OUR FAULT as entrepreneurs and biz-owners. 

If we crush it, it's purely because of something we did.

If we're struggling, that's on us. 

Of all the resources at our disposal TIME - and the way we use it - plays a huge factor not just in the level of success we have...

But how happy, healthy and fulfilled we are along the way. Achieving each of those metrics means we've got to schedule in time to make sure that we're working towards ALL of them - or else we're out of balance. 

Entrepreneurs want more of everything - money, conversion, traffic, significance, impact - but also happiness, health and quality relationships. 

Let's take a 30,000 foot overview of how to structure your week to make sure that you've got enough time not only to crush it in business, but do things that actually make you happy and ensure that you're showing up as your highest and best self. 

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