#155 Paul Chek – What It REALLY Means To Commit To Your Dreams

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There's a level of success that ensures your legacy, contribution and impact will NEVER be forgotten...

And my guest today, Paul Chek, has reached that level. Founder of the CHEK Institute, author of How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy, creator of the CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach training programs...

Paul has done it all - and if we ALL made the kind of impact he has, the world would be in an incredible place. 

For the first time he's talking about HOW he did it - sharing his thoughts on business, legacy, and what it REALLY means to commit to your dreams. 

Visit Paul's website and check out his courses at chekinstitute.com- and tell 'em I sent you!

We spoke about:

- The story about the first time in Paul’s career that he found himself in a state of ‘flow’ and personal fulfilment – and how that’s been a cornerstone for his legacy

- The story of Paul nearly flipping a helicopter over with his head – and how that led to his entry to the health and fitness space

- What was Paul doing to the US Army boxing team to reduce athlete injuries to their lowest ever levels?

- Where does the fitness industry’s most well read man get his motivation to learn and study – and how did he learn the skill of research?

- Paul’s bankruptcy, divorce and living out of his car – and why it’s so important to maintain belief and confidence in your own ability to figure things out and get through the challenges of business

- How Australia and New Zealand kept the CHEK Institute afloat after

- The social media platform that was directly responsible for building Paul’s profile

- The grand strategy and plan behind Paul’s podcast, Living 4D

- Facing the challenges of being a pioneer of holistic health and going against conventional knowledge – what was it that got Paul through all the pushback for his approach?

- How Paul condenses his teachings about the most complex system we know – the human body – into easily-understood principles using incredible communication skills

- How do YOU decide the principles and core messages that you want to entrain in your audience to help them get extraordinary results?

- Where’s the balance point for pushing yourself to achieve tremendous things and get the most out of yourself without going too hard and burning out? How do we know when we’re doing it RIGHT?

- The moment when Paul realised that there just isn’t enough time in the world for one person to help everyone – and why it’s up to US as an industry to work together to make an impact

- Should you be in a hurry to develop a greater understanding of yourself and where your limits and your balance point are?

- Finding the balance between working hard to make money, and making money work hard for YOU so you can enjoy life

- Work for love – not for money: Paul’s philosophy for you about business and building your legacy

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