#153 Dr Brett Hill – How I Built Australia’s Biggest Podcasts

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Podcasting is alive and well and building businesses EVERY DAY...

So if you haven't started one yet (but you know you should), you should download my free ebook Podcasting For Health Experts...

And listen up to Dr Brett Hill - Australia's most popular health podcaster and head of a network of more than 20 shows - as he breaks down how he built his business through this platform. 

Listen in as we talk about the most important traits of successful entrepreneurs, how to quickly learn new skills like speaking or making videos, and how to become an extraordinary coach and teacher for your audience. 

We're talking about:

- How Dr Brett built his podcast network to over 2,000,000 downloads per year…

- And how do you actually become really, reallywell known as a wellness expert – almost like a ‘celebrity’?

- Is the ability to go from having a business idea to taking massive action quickly the most valuable attribute an entrepreneur can have?

- Playing the long game and having a clear vision for your life: does all that ‘manifesting’ stuff actually work?

- Taking wisdom from your own journey with health and wellness, and how to craft those into principles to teach to your audience

- What’s the BEST way to encourage and teach your followers to change their behaviour?

- How do we teach ourselves to master new skills like public speaking, making videos or managing the marketing of our businesses?

- (And an example of how Dr Brett overcame a huge fear of his that allows him to build his business faster)

- Balancing the ability to say YES to opportunities when they present themselves to you, and being at the mercy of the “Idea Fairy”

- Best practices for podcasting from a host of two top-ranking shows

- How to deploy the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen” in your business

- How has the online health expert space, and podcasting, changed since Dr Brett began his business over a decade ago?

- Is enthusiasm and being highly engaged when you share your message a crucial tool to create better content (wanna bet?)

- Is there one piece of business advice, or a fundamental mindset shift, Brett wishes he’d learnt earlier?

- Dr Brett’s homework for you!

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