#152 Expert Coaching Tips (How To Actually Get Results For Your Customers)

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If you're ANYTHING like me, you care just as much about the results get from the things they buy from you as you do about the money and profit of your business. 

Fact: It is definitely easier to get results for people when you're working with them 1:1, rather than as a group or through an online course...

So if we care about our clients results, and we're trying our best to get those results for them with an online course, is there a framework we can follow?

Can we leverage what we know about psychology to be a better influencer (in the non-social-media sense of the word) and make our difference?

Yes - there is. Try this on for size - teach your audience:

- WHY they need to do what you suggest (and the reason behind the action...)

- How to do achieve it - especially when they don’t want to

- If they’re doing RIGHT

- How to know if it’s working

Should work pretty good for you - whether you've already created an online course or not, this should be included in your training outline!

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