#151 Connor Young – Entrepreneurship & Biz-Building Explained

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Nobody knows the pressure and intensity of needing to build a business - and make sales RIGHT NOW - than an entrepreneur making a physical product. 

Connor Young of Ample Foods knows this better than most - and his meal-replacement shakes are crushing it right now. 

The story of Connor's business is a great highlight of the significance of following your passion, looking for problems to solve, and getting clarity about how your business will run by actually DOING stuff rather than over-thinking everything.

PLUS we're going into a surprisingly heavy bonus about visualisation and how to bring peak state to your day - which is a conversation we'll NEED to follow-up with Connor soon!

We're covering:

- Connor’s “Nerd to Successful Entrepreneur” story – and the importance of nurturing your dream

- Is it ok to want MORE from life financially as well as MORE contribution to the world?

- The power of having belief in your special ability to help people, and using that as fuel when you’re building your business

- What Connor learnt from an early introduction to the world of sales and how that set up his business mindset

- Is it more important to solve problems people are already asking about, or problems that YOU know that they need to overcome?

- Figuring out the “Value Proposition” of your product – and the significance of market research and knowing what your audience ACTUALLY cares about

- How to actually get LUCKY when you’re building a business in the online environment when you have zero experience

- Is content marketing a good strategy for ANY company – even in the manufacturing space?

- One of the most important perspectives you’ll ever hear on morning routines and visualising your day...

- & the 3-step process to using visualisation and brain science to improve your performance and success

- The piece of entrepreneurial advice Connor has for growing business owners

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