#150 Avoiding The Hype Radar (Sensationalism vs Specificity)

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Content marketing is a cornerstone of any expert business online. 

Part of the reason why we do it is to reach a bigger audience of people who should listen to, watch and learn from us (as well as making it easier for them to ultimately become a customer of ours)...

But if we've only got a split second to grab someone's attention and interest them enough to click, watch, listen or read the very first time they stumble upon us...

The temptation can be to use overly sensationalist, hyped-up headlines. That doesn't work any more - so let's talk about four content formulas that use SPECIFICITY instead!

Try these and see how they work for you:

[Thing] vs [Thing]: Which Is [Adjective] [BONUS: For X People]?

X Issues with [Topic], And How To Get [Desired Result] Without [Implied Problem]

Why [Every Person In Your Audience] Needs To Do [Thing They Don’t Know About]

What If You Could Have [Desired Result] Just By [Unexpected Delivery Method]?

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