#149 Joe Arko – A Masterclass on Mindset

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Mindset is EVERYTHING. When it’s strong you’re going to do good for the world in all the ways that I teach on this show and through my own courses and events.

When it’s not serving you, however, things are different.

When it’s not where it needs to be, you’ll hold back from getting what you deserve for your ability to help people by telling yourself stuff like I’m not good enough - yet. I’m not smart enough, yet.

I shouldn’t send that extra sales email because people might get mad at me. I shouldn’t charge that much - why would anyone pay it?

We question ourselves, doubt ourselves, second-guess ourselves, and we  get in the way of the work that we know is gonna get us the  result we seek. We half-ass things, or we find reasons not to do them at all.

And it’s all stories we tell to ourselves. It’s not our fault, but it is our responsibility to address.

Let’s talk about mindset with Joe Arko - International Fitness Trainer of the Year, founder of the elite performance centre, learn to earn consulting, ATS training systems, host of TV shows and contributor to multiple magazines…

With a bio like that and a list of accomplishments like that, you’d think that this man has a strong mindset and you’d be right. But it didn’t happen on purpose - it happens because of conscious intention to have a better mindset.

We spoke about:

- Joe’s definition of what being an entrepreneur ACTUALLY means

- The two kinds of mindset – and why Joe chose the growth mindset instead of the fixed….

- And how you can upgrade your own beliefs system to unlock your ability to achieve and produce at a higher level

- The story of Ed Quirk and how Joe learnt the power of intention with our future and destiny

- What Joe learnt from discovering Tony Robbins…

- And how to deal with the social kick-back from people who aren’t as interested in mindset and personal development as you are

- How to recognise a NEGATIVE mindset and stop it in it’s tracks!

- Should you be paying attention to the language patterns and indicators of mindset of the people around you to bring more awareness to your OWN thoughts?

- Is it possible to out-work a negative mindset? (Wanna bet?)

- The truth about generating momentum with ourselves, and our clients and customers, in the pursuit of our goals

- An example of a mindset challenge that Joe has been facing over the last 18 months – and how he’s moving past it

- How quickly does mindset change?

- Does personal development and changing your thought patterns get easier when you start getting early results?

- The strange link between personal development and having a shower

- Failures – how to deal with them, think about them and use them for your own personal benefit

- Using feedback from our close personal circle as a means to improve ourselves

- Joe’s heart-to-heat advice for anyone who is struggling right now

- Homework for you!

Hosted by David White of thedavidwhite.com

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