#148 Carly Rowena – Balancing Your Biz, Your Time & Personal Life

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Entrepreneurship is dang hard - and it's our responsibility to make sure that the demands of running a business don't intrude on our own personal needs.

It's up to us to balance our lives - and who would know better how that's done that Carly Rowena - who is dealing with this need for balance at an intensity most of us aren't facing.

As well as running her successful YouTube channel, social media and health retreats, Carly is a new mother and figuring out FAST how to make her business and her 'actual life' work in harmony.

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We're discussing:

- How Carly’s work and business schedule has changed now that she’s a new mother

- What to do when ‘personal life stuff’ pops up and changes how much time you’re able to put into your work and navigate that whilst still making progress

- Dealing with pressure and demands from your inner circle on the time spent dedicated to working on your business

- Handling criticism and negativity about how you share your message of health, how you live and the scrutiny that comes from being ‘in the spotlight’

- Why your business and message isn’t meant to make everyone happy, and why it’s ok for you to be as unique and authentic as you like

- “Business Guilt” – dealing with that feeling we get when we’re NOT working on our hustle and taking time away for self-care

- Should you give your inner circle the power to give you feedback on when you’re out of balance with work?

- How to handle yourself when a day dedicated to your business goes bad, or you get distracted

- A quick discussion about hiring a VA to free up your time from tasks that are time-consuming but don’t require your expertise

- Carly’s top entrepreneur self-management advice that she’s learnt from becoming a mother and juggling the demands of a business

- Carly’s homework for you!

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