#147 The Significance of “Underlying Motives” In Marketing

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They're called "Underlying Motives" in 1:1 sales - the reason BEHIND the reason why your audience wants the transformation you can give them...

And for most of us it's an incredibly risky and assumptive thing to make Underlying Motives the backbone of any marketing message you have. 

Why? When you start as an expert in the 1:Many environment of the internet, literally ALL YOU KNOW about your audience is that they're interested in what you have to say. 

You've probably never spoken to them - and never will. 

You don't know anything about what might motivate them to take action - so 'guessing' at that is, at best, going to make your communication muddled and ineffective...

And, at worst, likely to make potential customers think "Nah, maybe this isn't right for me."

Where should our focus go if not on underlying motives? Let's talk FEELINGS and ESCAPE and look there for some clarity in this episode of the podcast!


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