#146 Dr Tom O'Bryan - Becoming The Go-To Expert

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There's very few people who can claim to being the "Go-To Expert" online for their particular area of expertise. 

Today Dr Tom O'Bryan of thedr.com joins me to share his journey to becoming that leader in the gluten, celiac and autoimmune space online. 

One thing that will stick with you - apart from a world-class ability to communicate and share his message - is the level of purpose and drive that fuels Dr Tom's mission. 

Brace yourself for the Aunt Emily story - remember the takeaway that Dr Tom leaves you with at the end of this show, and remember that if you've got a strong enough purpose behind what you do in your own business...

You can figure out the 'how' to execute on stuff, or the 'who' you need become. Reasons come first, answers come second!

We're covering:

- What led Dr Tom to venture away from his brick-and-mortar practice to start his online business?

- The first seminar that Dr Tom attended about online business – and what he started doing IMMEDIATELY to begin to build his status as the go-to expert

- One important mindset about figuring out problems that led to the success of Dr Tom’s Gluten Summit

- Dr Tom’s key to success online as a business owner (hint: You’ve gotta be in it for more than just the money!)

- An incredible and moving story about Aunty Emily – and the level of passion that should drive any entrepreneur

- How to deal with the potential criticism and doubters of your message when you start sharing it online and being heard by more people

- The power of a mission and a strong drive to a particular area of health on your happiness and your ability to contribute to the world

- How to become an extraordinary communicator for your audience using ‘Elevator Pitches’ with your health message so it sticks in your follower’s minds

- Three drills you can use to practice your ability to speak in an interesting and engaging way

- How Dr Tom turned his supplement into a roaring success for his audience

- What to do if you don’t have the history and library of literature and journal articles behind you to support your argument like Dr Tom does

- The Certified Gluten Practitioner Program: What you should know if you’re doing any health coaching!

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