#144 Marketing: Not About Followers, Fans & Likes

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Direct Response Marketing. 

It's the total polar opposite to the kind of marketing we were all exposed to when we were young - and it's how you build an online business. 

Your ability to get a DIRECT RESPONSE with your marketing is our most reliable way to measure how much you'll grow and succeed as an online thought leader...

So instead of viewing our progress through the lens of "Followers, Fans & Likes", let's look at three areas where you SHOULD be measuring and tracking how you're going in your business...

And forget about those "Ego Metrics" that aren't going to a significant factor in how successful you can become...

Plus, it's way too easy to compare your business to someone else's and feel insecure if you aren't keeping an eye on your skills with:


Do we *really* want people to hit that "Like" button - or do you think that they'd be more likely to interact with you and your business if they started CONSUMING your content...

And eventually your message, podcast, videos or information became a regular part of their week or routine?

Right. So don't worry about LIKES - focus on engagement with Cold Traffic. 


Do we *really* care about how many people "Follow" us on a social media platform when we KNOW that it's more important for them to engage with our business on a more personal level and join your email list?

I'd bet my money on an entrepreneur who can get 100 new email subscribers a month over one who can get 10,000 new Facebook fans a month...

So don't worry about FOLLOWERS - yours or anyone else's - concern yourself with how well you build that list. 


Really, nothing else matters except for how many people buy your stuff and how happy they are with what you give them in return .

How do you do that? With an accurate offer that presents your product in a way that actually makes it sounds good. 

Fans, followers and likes are nice, and it's gratifying to have a big audience to respond to...

But your SKILLS with direct-response marketing and your ability to work with cold, warm and hot traffic is what will matter in the long run. 

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