#142 Mario Tomic - Building Relationships, Going Live & Getting Clients

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For the very first time ever, we're graced with the voice a marketing expert turned health professional - not a health expert who has learnt about marketing. 

Mario Tomic, coach and mentor for entrepreneurs, executives and businessmen - quit his job as Chief Marketing Officer of a big company to run his own show online...

And what a show! Mario travels around the world to host live events and seminars, runs a successful YouTube channel, coaches his clients and moves city every three months. 

Any part of that lifestyle might sound like a dream for a lot of people - but the strategy behind the success is simpler than you might think. 

We covered:

- How the heck did a Chief Marketing Officer of a big company end up as an online wellness entrepreneur…

- And what kinds of ‘inside marketing secrets’ has he got to share with us from his previous profession?

- How Mario’s YouTube following and subscriber base has allowed him to build his coaching practice (and ANOTHER reminder about why you need to be doing content marketing!)

- What does a live pitch from stage to acquire clients for Mario’s business actually sound like?

- What you should be doing if you’re creating content and you feel like your message isn’t being heard or getting the right kind of exposure that you think it deserves

- The underlying assumption behind EVERY successful business should be “There are people who want my help and are looking for it right now” – so how do you shut off head-noise or self-doubt that might be preventing you from believing that?

- The significance of playing the long-game when you’re fulfilling a marketing strategy of any kind – should you try to turn a profit straight away?

- If you aren’t getting short-term results with making sales or getting clients immediately, does that mean your marketing is broken?

- The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up: How Mario boosts his coaching client business by using retargeting on Facebook after his events and campaigns

- Mario’s method for getting his event registrants to actually attend

- The strategy behind the Evergreen webinar Mario has created to increase awareness of his coaching program

- The thing that Mario would have done differently at the start of his career to become more successful quicker…

- And the thing he would have STOPPED that was preventing his growth!

- Mario’s homework for you!

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