#141 Crafting Brand Stories pt 3: The "Reverse Life After"

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We’re treading into troubled and tricky ground, and I need to be careful here.

As you know, in episodes 138 and 140 of this podcast we’ve been talking a lot about stories - but there’s one particular kind that I didn’t really want to talk about because it’s so easily misused.

But I’m also hell-bent on making sure that everyone listening to this show knows how to build a really profitable and successful business because the more money you make, provided you’re cool about it, the more of an impact that you’re making on the world.

So here it is - an investigation into the "Reverse Life After" Story formula. 

Potentially one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your audience to be a better leader and inspire them to change...

But also high-risk and, if you don't know what you're doing, an incredibly obnoxious and unkind way to treat your audience. 

Let's look at what the Reverse Life After story IS, when to USE it, the RULES to maintain coolness and goodwill with your audience, and WHAT it can do for you!

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