#139 Reed Davis – Hiring, Training And Managing Your Team

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Your business is NOT about you and your unique abilities - it's about expansion and growth!

There's always a lot of 'biz admin' and weekly housekeeping to be done in maintaining your business - but what about growth?

If you don't have enough time to serve your clients, keep your business functioning AND fuel massive growth at the same time, you need to outsource and hire. 

Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and businessman for over 40 years, joins me on the show firstly to do a quick review of what's been happening since he last appeared on this show...

(And go behind-the-scenes of the FDN Facebook Live campaigns)...

As well as covering all aspects of hiring, training and managing a team of employees to help you grow and expand your operations. 

No - you don't need a huge budget to get started, nor do you need to fill a full 40-hour work week for your employees. 

You can (and pebbly should) start small in this area - so Reed and I covered...


- What has Reed’s team learnt from hosting these regular sessions?

- How is Facebook Live working to bring new clients into the FDN course?

- What’s the best process for promoting a Facebook Live?


-What’s the actual purpose of this?

- What was the very first hire that Reed made in his business, and what can you learn from that process?

- The two main things that a business does: Where are you supposed to begin outsourcing and hiring first?

- What tasks should you look to hire out for at the beginning?

- How do you go about creating standard operating procedures for your employees or contractors?

- If you want to hire your first employee, but you don’t have a full-time load of work to delegate to them, how do you get started?

- Getting past the concern around ‘A potential employee will never be able to do this as well as me!”

- Perspective: How this helps your employees stay true to the values of your brand and produce consistent work with each other

- Posting Job Ads: Where to get started with this, where to post these and how to write it to attract your perfect employee or contractor

- The Interview Process: Practical questions you can ask candidates, and what to ask in order to make sure that they’re a right fit for your business

- Should you give your interview candidates the chance to do a test project, or go from your gut feel?

- If your applicant asks this one question first up in your interview, you should not hire them at all!

- Probation period: Should all new employees go through one of these?

- Culture: How to cultivate a healthy workplace for your employees

- Training: Where to begin this process with your staff, and best-practices to making sure that they produce the best work possible

- How do you make yourself available for feedback from your employees with regards to their work environment?

- Motivating your employees – how the ‘Carrot And Stick’ method that we might default to isn’t the best practice, and what to do instead

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