#138 Crafting Brand Stories (& When It’s Ok To Tell Them) Part One

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There's very few things that can make your brand and message stick in someone's brain quite as well as a good story...

But if you see the same kinds of stories being used in marketing and advertising these days that I see...

You'd assume that the purpose of a story is to make people think you're incredibly smart and good at what you do, right?

Well, that is ONE thing we can try to achieve with a story - but it's actually one of the least powerful formulas that we can use. 

Grab a pen, take some solid notes - in this Masterclass we're going through a whole lot of examples of really powerful stories being used by world-class marketers right now, and we're also discussing...

- WHEN is it ok for you to tell stories with your marketing - and when is it not?

- What are the two things that we want to identify with how story fits into your marketing beforewe even determine *what* we're going to say?

- Strategy Promotion: How to get your audience to see the world of health, fitness and wellness through the same 'lens' that you do so they actuallydo the work to achieve their goals

- Overcoming Objections: How to do this without self-aggrandising yourself (or making your audience feel like idiots for having completely normal concerns and facing obstacles)

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